About Chantilly Lane Singing Bears

Founded in 1979 as Pacific Balloon Co. in Los Angeles, California, PBC® International was one of the the first latex balloon imprinters to innovate silk-screen imprinting on latex balloons. So how did we become Chantilly Lane®, one of the world's best designers of musical, animated plush? Here's our story.

1988 PBC® International, Inc. moved their base of operations from Los Angeles to Ventura, and eventually to our current home in Oxnard, California where we built our design, marketing and distribution center. With the expansion of our facility, we also expanded our line of products, including our line of singing, animated plush animals that came to be known as the Chantilly Lane® Collection.

Chantilly Lane®'s very first piece of singing, animated plush was Ashley, our lovable chenille bear with the big red hat who sings "I Will". The amount of care that went into the design of Ashley set the standard for each piece of plush designed by our company. All the Chantilly Lane® characters are designed and created in our in-house design studio where our designers can put up to a hundred hours into the research, development and design of just one piece. It is this attention to detail that makes Chantilly Lane® so special and sets us apart from all the other plush companies. Since the birth of Ashley, Chantilly Lane® has created well over 200 pieces of singing, animated plush, each with same amount of thought and care that was put into Ashley.

Perhaps the only thing that has improved over the years is the quality of the recordings in each bear, which are always digitally recorded in a professional studio. Only the best recording chips and modules are used and most of the recordings are 60 seconds, well beyond the industry standard of just 20 seconds.

Our goal at Chantilly Lane® is to create plush that brings a smile to the faces of our customers. When we get calls from people all over the country telling us how much they love our designs, we know we're doing our job right. But then again, you would expect nothing less from a company who is determined in "Making History One Hug at a Time".