Collector's Series Melissa
16" Melissa Bear with satin lavender hat and sash. Mouth moves while singing,...
Product ID : G1304
Collector's Series Sadie
16" Sadie Bear with pink hat and two strands of pearls. Mouth moves while...
Product ID : G1301
Jolly Holiday Bear
10" Jolly Holiday Bear with dancing santa hat. Hat sways & mouth moves while...
Product ID : G5057
Connie Talbot Believe Bear
Chantilly Lane 17" Connie Talbot "Believe" Bear with purple cotton dress and...
Product ID : G1502
Connie Talbot Dream Bear
Chantilly Lane 17" Connie Talbot "Dream" Bear with red velvet dress and hat....
Product ID : G1504
Connie Talbot Inspire Bear
Chantilly Lane 17" Connie Talbot "Inspire" Bear with blue velvet dress and...
Product ID : G1503
Connie Talbot SMILE Bear
Chantilly Lane 17" Connie Talbot "Smile" Bear with pink velvet dress and hat....
Product ID : G1501
Dancing Santa
14" Dancing Santa dances while singing, "Holly Jolly Christmas".
Product ID : G5460
17" Doris bear with polka dotted dress and white hat. Head sways and mouth...
Product ID : G1129
Jingle Jangle Bengal
12" Bengal tiger is a real cool cat! Dances while singing a very rockabilly,...
Product ID : G5059
Noah Mom Bear
12" Mom Bear wears a soft felt shirt which says, "MOM ...What Others See Moms...
Product ID : G1066
Poki Penguin
10" Poki Penguin with Christmas Aloha shirt and matching Santa hat. Wings...
Product ID : G5058


The Chantilly Lane® Collection is a unique line of animated bears and stuffed animals that sing popular songs and dance. Our cute musical plush toys feature high quality audio and are perfect gifts for any occasion or holiday. All of our singing animated items are adorable, some are cute & cuddly, and they are all truly entertaining and inspiring. These fun and creative talking toys are designed for kids or adults of all ages as an ideal way to show someone you care.

Chantilly Lane® has grown and with that growth means great changes! Over the past several years we have evolved into the world's largest company to design, license and produce singing animated gifts. Our old website was built to feature plush, containers, balloons and candy gifts - all items that have no animated movement. So, in order to serve you better, we've launched our new website with features which will allow us to load music and video related to our adorable singing, animated items. This way you can get a clear idea of what our musical items sing and what they do.

We have over 200 products to choose from, so please pick a category you are interested in on the menu on the left. You can explore our products, and if you find one or more that you like, simply add them to the cart to buy online now. If you want to see them in person or get one right away, simply use our Dealer Locator to find a local retailer. Browse, shop, sing, laugh and cry... enjoy! Help us "Make History One Hug at a Time"™.